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The Financially Fearless Woman

It’s been a while this ink flowed..🙃 This happened because I was really struggling with getting a lot of things done. I honestly apologize reading fam👏🙏 This adult life really entails a lot😁 Last year I had the opportunity of reading Arese Ugwu’s Smart Money Woman. I’ve always been someone highly fascinated by financial educationContinue reading “The Financially Fearless Woman”

Intimate Relationships; A deserving experience or nah?

I planned something else for this week’s content but lately I’ve been seeing a lot pertaining to relationships on social media and decided to put something down.. From what I’ve come to understand an Intimate Relationship is one of a deep connection between two persons who have overtime become familiar with themselves usually between peopleContinue reading “Intimate Relationships; A deserving experience or nah?”

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